About Prout

Prout is the PhD Network of Utrecht University, run by a group of enthusiastic voluntary PhD representatives from all graduate schools of the university.

We are an official organization whose main aim is to represent the interests of PhD candidates to the university, and to influence decision-making concerning PhDs. This involves regular meetings with representatives from university governing bodies, PhD councils at graduate school and faculty level, and the university council. We also maintain connections with external organizations such as PNN (the PhD candidates Network of the Netherlands) and labour unions.

We keep PhD candidates informed about their position as a University employee, career development opportunities, and all other practical matters (see also our summary of changes in English or Dutch of the recent change of the doctoral degree regulations). For example, we helped to set up the PhD career activating event (Phace).

In addition we organize activities for all PhDs in Utrecht, including lectures, workshops, information markets, and drinks. These events provide a way for PhDs from different institutes within the university to meet each other.

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About our name
‘Prout’, formerly written as ‘PrOUt’, is an abbreviation of the Dutch “Promovendi Overleg Utrecht”. With the introduction of our new logo in September 2014, we changed our name to ‘Prout | PhD Network Utrecht’.