• PhD candidates Network of the Netherlands
    PNN is the over-arching representative organ of all Dutch PhD candidates. PrOUt is also represented in PNN.
  • Association of Universities in the Netherlands
    The VSNU represents the shared interests of the fourteen research universities in the Netherlands in the fields of research, education, knowledge transfer, funding, personnel policy and international affairs.
  • UtrechtInc
    UtrechtInc is a business incubator located at Utrecht Science Park. We help accelerate the growth of early stage startups. As you are an expert in your domain, and in the process of developing a great new technology, UtrechtInc will help you to find the right customers, achieve ‘product/market fit’ and take the first steps in building a successful company. We connect you to our community of mentors, peers, investors, talent, excellent training programs and access to financing.
  • The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research
    NWO financies thousands of researchers at univerisities and research institutes and drives Dutch research with funding and programmes.
  • Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
    As the forum, conscience, and voice of the arts and sciences in the Netherlands, the Academy promotes quality in science and scholarship and strives to ensure that Dutch scholars and scientists contribute to cultural, social and economic progress. As a research organisation, the Academy is responsible for a group of outstanding national research institutes. It promotes innovation and knowledge valorisation within these institutes and encourages them to cooperate with one another and with university research groups.
  • Association of Chinese Students and Scholars in Utrecht
    ACSSNL-Utrecht is the biggest Chinese student association in Utrecht working on promoting cultural understanding and exchange among Chinese students, local Dutch students and other international students.
  • Digitaal Album Promotorum
    The Digitaal Album Promotorum (Dutch) is a database that strives to encompass all theses written by Utrecht University PhD candidates since 1636 until the present day.
  • PhD Comics
    We all know how hard a PhD project can be, in which case humor can help! has regular comics which depict situations that are (sometimes unfortunately) all too familiar to us.