Workshop “Unlock the value of your research” 2014

In today’s world, scientists are expected to be able to show how their research adds value to society. This is not always easy, since some research is years removed from application or very specific in its nature. However, research can have impact in many ways and sometimes value is hidden not in the results of your research but in different aspects.

PrOUt wants to help you to unlock the value of your research by teaching you methods to find that value and broaden your perspective. These tools will help you to find value for your own case and it will also provide you with ideas about further research and career options.

This workshop will be in English. It will take place on Wednesday the 4th of June from 15:30 to 17:30, with drinks afterwards, in the Eetkamer in the University Library in the centre of Utrecht (see also the map of that building, showing the Eetkamer in red). We have room for 50 PhD candidates, so sign up quickly via this form!

De Eetkamer

This workshop is hosted in cooperation with UtrechtVC and IDfuse.