PhD Mental Health Symposium 2018

Keeping sane in your PhD: What can you do? What can UU do?

January 25th 2018, 14:00 – 17:30, Unnik Groen, de Uithof


——– This event was a success! Read here a review of the symposium ——–

Prout, UPP, the University Council and the Graduate School of Life Sciences are co-organizing a symposium on PhD mental health. The goal is to stimulate an inspiring and constructive discussion on PhD mental health. We want to share tips and ideas on how PhDs can better take care of themselves, and to discuss what can be done at the university level to improve PhD mental health and well-being.

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14:00 Doors open and registration

14:20 Welcome by PROUT and UPP

14:40  Mental well-being of PhD candidates: a case-study at Leiden University  –  dr. Inge van der Weijden, researcher at Leiden University

15:10  Psychological challenges and coping strategies – Paula Meesters, PhD Psychologist at TU Delft

15:40 Break

16:00  Tools for a stress-free PhD – dr. Amber Davis, PhD Coach 

16:30  Panel discussion: How to improve PhD well-being and mental health at university level? co-chairs: Prof. Janneke Plantenga, Dean of Law, Economics and Governance, and Nico Naus, Utrecht PhD Party

  • Prof. Hans de Bresser, Vice-Dean of Education at Geosciences
  • Estrella Montoya, PhD mentor and Jr. Ass. Prof. at Social and Behavioural Sciences
  • Jeff Smit, PhD representative at PNN

17:20 Ending statements  

17:30 Borrel 

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The event is co-financed by Prout, the University Council and the Graduate School of Life Sciences.


Here are the main tips and ideas discussed in the symposium, and here the presentations. You can also check the article “Problems in your PhD?” that we prepared last year.