Every rule has a reason: discuss PhD dilemmas with Deans and fellow PhD Candidates 2015

Are you up to date on the rules and regulations concerning your PhD? What do you think about the announced oath at the defence ceremony? Advertising material in your dissertation: go or no go?

On Monday 26 January 2015Prout and the University council are pleased to present the event “Every rule has a reason: Discussing the PhD regulations with Deans”. In small, diverse groups, PhD candidates and deans exchange ideas on the PhD process, based on several dilemmas concerning the rules and regulations that govern your PhD. There is ample space for open discussion. All attendees, PhDs candidates, deans and the rector magnificus alike, can express their thoughts on how things ought to be.

The event is graciously sponsored by the University, and thus free of charge. It takes place in the Auditorium of the University Hall (Aula Academiegebouw; Domplein 29, Utrecht). You are welcome from 16:45 onwards; we start at 17:00 sharp. During the event there will be drinks, sandwiches, and snacks. The discussion ends at 19:00, and we conclude with drinks until 19:30.

Do not miss this very valuable event and Sign up now!
We can accommodate at most 140 PhD candidates.
You will receive a confirmation of your registration within one week.

We have already received a confirmation from the Rector Magnificus, prof. Bert van der Zwaan, as well as the following deans:

  • prof. Keimpe Algra (Dean Faculty of Humanities),
  • prof. Piet Hoekstra (Dean Faculty of Geosciences),
  • prof. Annetje Ottow (Dean Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance),
  • prof. Marcel van Aken (Vice-Dean Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences),
  • prof. Jos van Putten (Vice-Dean Faculty of Veterinary Medicine),
  • prof. Rens Voesenek (Vice-chair Board of Studies of the Graduate School of Life Sciences, Faculty of Science),
  • prof. van Strijp (Vice-chair Board of Studies of the Graduate School of Life Sciences, Faculty of Medicine),
  • dr. Saskia Ebeling (Coordinator of Doctoral Education of the Graduate School of Life Sciences).