Free your mind career challenge


What if you could design something that boosts career orientation for PhDs
and postdocs?
Something that would help you explore different career opportunities,
outside-of-academia options, focusing on all the different types of places
where you and your talents can flourish.

On Friday the 22th of March, from 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm at the Faculty Club
Utrecht, PROUT will be co-hosting the Free Your Mind Career Challenge with
SoFoKleS, the social fund for universities, academic hospitals and research

Get inspired

We start things off with a keynote by dr. Mark van Vuuren, associate
professor Organisational Communication at the University of Twente. Mark
aims at building bridges between academia and society and he does research
into job crafting – how to craft a job to fit the unique skillset of an
employee instead of finding the perfect employee for a unique job. He
published academic texts and four books for the general public, and he is
the most decorated teacher at the University of Twente in the last decade.
Mark will share his own experiences as a scholar and will suggest ways to
use acquired competences beyond the university.

Go crazy

Next, it’s time to put your creative mind to work on as many solutions you
can think of to boost career orientation for PhDs and postdocs. And yes,
you can go crazy! In teams, you decide and design what YOU think is the
best option. Mark van Vuuren and others are there to help if you get stuck.

Find support for your idea

The two solutions with the most support will receive a € 1250 grant from
SoFoKleS to execute the design. But no matter what, we promise you will
take away fresh perspectives and new energy for your career at the end of
this event.
To start the weekend well, we will wrap-up this afternoon with drinks.

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