Invitation for PhD representatives: workshop Vagueness Zone

Workshop for PhD representatives

After the previous workshop’s success on how to have effective meetings, we’d like to invite you to another workshop for PhD representatives on ‘The Vagueness Zone‘, on Wednesday April 12th, 16:00-18:00 at the Van Unnik 9.16. Afterwards, there will be drinks at The Basket.

The ‘vagueness zone’ is a phenomenon in meetings, where one party does not want to commit to something, but rather wants to stay vague in promises. It occurs in businesses, politics, but also in science. The question is: how can you deal with it? Are there ways to counter vague promises? That’s where this workshop may help.

All PhD representatives at Utrecht University, the UMCU, RIVM and PNN, are welcome to join. There is room for max 20 PhD representatives, so sign up quicklyif you want to join by mailing Bart at

We look forward to meeting you at this event!

Best wishes,