PhACE Invitation 2016

Dear PhD candidate,

Career opportunities after a PhD are a highly debated topic among PhD candidates. The majority of candidates starting a PhD want to end up in academia. However this is a difficult career step and not always a possibility within your reach. Utrecht University developed the PhD Activating Career Event to help you with future career steps (PhACE).

PhACE gives insight into the great value and different career opportunities of your PhD. As doctoral candidates, you are top academic performers with a broad scope of experience who may fit in many different sectors of employment. PhACE brings people together that successfully completed their PhD with different career tracks. During a two day event, organized by PhACE, these people want to share their professional experiences with you! Furthermore they want to explain the skills that are needed to transfer to areas other than academia.

During these two days you will participate in a range of workshops. These workshops will help you to explore your personal strengths and skills and create awareness of personal weaknesses to help you surpass yourself!
PhD Activating Career Event (PhACE)

We at PhACE are joyous to announce that the registration for the next PhACE event is now open. PhACE XI will be held:

When: Monday April 18th and Tuesday 19th , 2016
Where: Academiegebouw, Domplein 29, Utrecht
From: 09.00-19.00 hrs.
Group: PhD candidates in the penultimate (usually 3rd) year of their PhD
Fee: Free of charge when attending full two days. If not please contact
Language: English
Registration: PhACE website:

If you are interested please make sure you register a.s.a.p. otherwise we cannot guarantee placing for the event.

Kind Regards,

Fati Shahrabi & Lucette Teurlings
PhACE Team