PhD candidates elected into the University Council and two Faculty Councils

At the University Council elections in April, two PhD candidates were elected: Eliane Fankhauser (119 votes) in the section alpha/gamma and Frank Hendriks (130 votes) in the section beta/medical. Marco Derks (166 votes), who was on position 5 in the section alpha/gamma of the VLAM list, missed 7 votes to reach the quota and was, therefore, not elected. Together they got 36% of all votes on candidates from academic staff!

Hilke Grootelaar has been elected into the Faculty Council of Law, Economics and Governance, and Lisanne Walma into the Faculty Council of Science. Unfortunately, the other two PhD candidates running for a position in a Faculty Council (Willem-Bart Bartels at the Faculty of Geosciences and Lukas van den Berge at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance) have not been elected.

Prout wants to thank all of you who voted for one of the PhD candidates running for a position in one of the Councils. Aside from the fact that PhD candidates can provide a fresh view on issues at stake, Prout finds it important that the interests of PhD candidates are promoted in the Councils. We wish Eliane, Frank, Hilke and Lisanne all the best in their work and look forward to a fruitful cooperation.